Download And Install Cydia Without Jailbreak On iOS 11/10/9 iPhone/iPad/iPod (Cydia Installer Update 2018)

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Download and Install Cydia without Jailbreak –

If you are also an iOS device user so you know what is Cydia but before we talk about Cydia app we need to know why we need Cydia. There is a huge fame of Apple iPhone in all over the world and also Apple provides the best product for us. Apple iPhone created some policies and condition which we have to follow and we never can break them. The first is we always have to pay for having any tweak in the device like we talk about any Movie, Song’s or Ringtone etc.

So there is everything is paid and you can only get them all from Apple’s official Store’s. But you don’t need to worry about all the policies there is an option where you can customize your iOS device since we have Cydia and here we will explain to you how Download and Install Cydia without jailbreak on iOS 11/10/9. We all know that always when installing Cydia we have to jailbreak our iOS device. But this is a complicated task for us and also it’s risky it can be the causes few serious effects with the device. Today we are going to show you the best way to Install Cydia without jailbreak on iOS 11/10/9 device.

All the information provided by us are tested by us on our devices but even after this is your own risk to make changes in your devices. All the information provided by us is for educational purpose only. So we have tried a number of ways to download and install Cydia on the Apple iPhone 8 and Plus. Some of them work but not satisfied and caused me a problem like (No Network or Device Can Not Start).

Cydia Without Jailbreak

Let we show you the best and trusted methods to “Download and Install Cydia Without Jailbreak iOS 11/iOS 10.3.3” or later. For iPhone/iPad/iPod also you don’t need to connect your device to Windows or Mac. Check some Cydia installer requirements for installing.

Cydia Installation Requirements

  • iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).
  • Without Jailbreak iOS device.
  • Can use with any version of iOS 9/10/11.

Steps To Install Cydia Without Jailbreak on iOS 11/10/9 (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) Updated 2018.

The first thing you have to do is update your device with the latest version of iOS which is available for your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. Then you should connect your device with proper working internet connection for better performance you can connect to Wifi. And then follow the instruction step by step given below.

  • Open up the Safari browser on your device and search for ( and Tap to “Install” button which you can see on the browser pages top right corner.
  • After taping on install button it will take few seconds for installing Flekstore in the device.
  • Now you need to authenticate or provide device passcode or Touch ID for proceed to install process.
  • Now you will see there is a warning which says you it is not verified profile. You have to tap install option and again wait few seconds until install completely.
  • Now click “Done” on the complete installation process.
  • Now you have successfully installed Flekstore and Open it on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Tap “Start” for the quick tour or click on Not Now for direct access.
  • Scroll down and find “Cydia” from the list of tweaks and once you find the Cydia Tap on it.
  • You will see “Install” button Tap on it and install.
  • Once the Cydia will get installed you can use it as you want.

This was one of the best ways to install Cydia without jailbreak iOS 11/10/9 for iPhone/iPad/iPod with the latest update of the year 2018.

How To Use Cydia Installer On Your iOS Devices

We have successfully installed Cydia on our device without jailbreak iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS 11/10/9). Now we are going to show you how to customize our device with Cydia Installer. So you will get almost everything on your iPhone or iPod.

  • First Open Cydia on your iOS device and “Sign Up or Log In” with your email ID.
  • Then you will see three option you have to select “Manage” For Cydia Applications.
  • And then search for the app or scroll down which one you want to install and tap “GET”.

Now, this was a brief for How to use Cydia Installer and get all the tweaks of our choice on iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 without jailbreaking our device. And also you can get unlimited apps from Cydia repo as well.

Problems During Installation In Cydia and How to Fix Them

If you are using or installing Cydia sometimes it might possible you face some technical issues, don’t worry about that you can fix it. Most people face’s problems like “Stuck at Apple Logo”, “Endless Restart Loop” and that issues come with the devices which are jailbroken. So that was the reason why we never recommend you for jailbreak your device but also sometimes that comes with Non-Jailbroken devices. But Don’t Panic! Just follow the solutions which we provided below.

No matter if you are facing any other type of issue besides we mentioned above. You just need to follow the simple process and fix it for yourselves.

Stuck on Apple Logo [Instant Fix Method]

  • Turn off your iOS device.
  • Connect to the Windows or Mac PC with the help of USB cable. Make sure you have a working USB cable.
  • Install the latest iTunes version if you have already so it will open up automatically on your PC when you connect the device.
  • Then you have to start DFU mode on your device. To do that, you need to Press and Hold Home + Power button together for 10 seconds.
  • Now release only Power Button and keep pressing the home button for next 10 seconds.
  • Please don’t release holding down until and unless you get “iPhone in Recovery” Notification on iTunes. Which open on your connected PC.
  • And now, you can release the home button and click on “Restore” option which you got on PC.
  • The iTunes will restore your iOS device by replacing the latest iOS version which will be available.

If you have followed all the instruction properly as mentioned above we hope you have successfully restored your iDevice. And if you see the white Apple Logo on your device before completed restoring process that means your device is not in DFU Mode. So start again to the beginning and follow the instruction carefully.

You need to make sure your iPhone or other iOS device is properly connected to your PC and you are using Orignal USB cable during the restoration process. We hope you have successfully fixed Apple Logo Stuck issue.

Endless Restart Looping [instant Fix Method]

  • For the instant solution for the fix, the Endless Restart Loop turning ON/OFF Cellular Mobile Data is a good option. It sounds easy but it has solved the problem for many out there.
  • Still facing the problem? Just reset all the settings. You can Follow Settings>General>Reset> Tap Reset All Settings. Mostly that will fix all the issues on all the iOS devices.
  • Still Not Fixed? Then try to restore your iDevice to the recent backup. It will definitely fix the issue.
  • Even After Not Fixed? Now the last option is updating your device to the latest iOS version.

We hope that you will never face any issue while using Cydia and if you face so now you can fix yourselves.
And enjoy to Install Cydia Without Jailbreak on iOS 11/10/9 (iPhone/iPad/iPod) Updated 2018.

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